EPF Form 31 To Withdraw The PF Amount

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EPF Form 31 To Withdraw The PF Amount

Many people might be dicey about saving all of their hard-earned money directly in the PF account, without having anything left in hand for emergency purposes. But, to solve this problem, the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) has introduced the form-31 using which an employee can withdraw the provident funds from their provident fund accounts under several terms and conditions. The provident funds are basically a saving option for the individuals after their retirement, under which an equal amount is contributed by both the employer and employee. Under the EPFO, which acts as a unified portal, one can save a specific amount from their earnings.

Form 31 for PF Withdrawl

The EPF funds can be withdrawn both partially and completely, under a certain set of conditions.

To withdraw the PF amount completely, the below-mentioned conditions must be fulfilled. These include:

  • After the retirement of the employee.
  • If an individual is not working or is unemployed for a time period of over 2 months. In this case, a certificate has to be provided by the respective company or an officer to withdraw the amounts.

In the case of an emergency or other immediate requirements, the employee can withdraw partial amounts from the account only under specific conditions, criteria, and submission of the required documents. This is where the role of EPF form-31 comes into play. To withdraw any amounts, the employee is required to submit the form 31 along with the documents.

Download Form 31 PF

The conditions and circumstances under which the individual is eligible to withdraw amounts are as follows:

  • Education:
    • These are used for financing the expenses of the children above 10th standard, for their higher studies.
    • Under this, the employee must have worked for at least 7 years.
    • The employee is eligible to withdraw up to 50% of the PF amount.
    • The document to be submitted must include the certificate or admission letter from the institute concerned.
  • Marriage:
    • The amount can be withdrawn for the marriage purpose of oneself, or any of the family members (brother, sister, son, daughter).
    • The minimum work duration must be of 7 years.
    • The employee can withdraw up to 50% of the total PF amount.
    • The document to be submitted must include a declaration or marriage certificate.
  • Real estate:
    • For buying land or a new house, the amount can be withdrawn.
    • To purchase land or piece of property, the amount that can be withdrawn is equal to about 24 times the monthly salary of the employee.
    • To purchase a new house, the amount that can be withdrawn is equal to about 36 times the monthly salary of the employee.
    • The employee must have provided a minimum of 5 years of service.
    • Document to be submitted must include certification and registration papers.
    • The property or the house so purchased must be under the employer’s name or their spouse.
  • Loan repayment for home:
    • If the property is under the employer’s or their spouse’s name, the amount can be withdrawn.
    • For the loan repayment purpose, about 90% of the total amount can be withdrawn.
    • Document to be submitted must include the certificate of interest provided by the bank.
  • Medical purposes:
    • The amount can be withdrawn for medical illness and treatment of oneself or the family member.
    • The medical certificate by the employer must be submitted as a document.
  • Before retirement:
    • To cover the financial expenses, the amount can be withdrawn.
    • This is only allowed after the employer is 57 years in age.
    • In this case, a total amount of about 90% of the PF account can be withdrawn.
    • Under this, a certificate from the employer must be issued and provided.

What does Form 31 consists of?

An employee has to fill the following information on Form 31 –

  • Mobile Number
  • What is the purpose of an advance?
  • Advance amount required
  • Member name
  • Name of the husband
  • PF Account number of the employee
  • Basic + DA
  • Postal address
  • Applicant’s signature
  • Employer Signature
  • Remittance mode
  • Savings bank account
  • Branch name & complete address
  • Cancelled cheque copy
  • Employer & applicant signature
  • Advanced stamped details
  • Official designation in establishment’s stamp

How to fill EPF form-31?

The EPF Form 31 can easily and quickly be filled both through online and offline methods. While the offline method is a tedious process, additionally, the copies of documents also have to be submitted in the offline mode. The other option is the online filling of the form directly on the EPFO portal, by logging and under the claim section, downloading the EPF form 31.

Click here to download Form 31

Details to be filled in EPF Form 31

Before filling in the EPF form-31, it is mandatory that the UAN must be linked with the mobile number. The details that have to be filled additionally, include the following:

  • Identity details and contact
  • PF account number
  • Amount of advance that has to be withdrawn
  • Details of the bank account
  • Monthly salary

Additionally, the EPF commissioner and the employer have to provide the following details:

  • Designation and signatures
  • Certifications
  • Officer’s signature
  • Account number
  • The amount to be transferred


EPF Form-31 is one of the options to make the savings process easier, without having to worry about the emergency funds. The only thing to be kept in mind is that all the details provided must be error-free and accurate.